We believe that great things can happen when people with different ideas comes together. That is why we aspired to create a truly special co-working office, and as a result of months of hard work, it has become exactly like we have dreamt of the beginning: unique, yet perfectly functional. However, our mission does not end here.

We want to build a community. A place where everyone can release their creative energy. Where everyone can be part of a team, which is driven by a higher purpose.

Where the inspirational power of the community is present, but the possibility of undisturbed creation is always given too. Where everyone can relax beside working. A place that was inspired by the inimitable beauty of nature.

We hope that Csalogány47 is meant for something bigger than to be an ordinary co-working office. There is a lot of work left for us to achieve our goals, but one thing is sure: we cannot do it without you. Join us, let’s be part of the success together!